California Nurses for Ethical Standards (CNES) is a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization founded.  CNES provides a forum for nurses and medical personnel to share educational and research information to the community. To these ends, CNES publishes a quarterly newsletter, which informs our membership of legal developments and trends in medical/nursing ethics and offers articles of interest, which demonstrate how ethical issues impact the lives of nurses and their practice.


CNES co-sponsors Bioethical Conferences at Biola University; and co-sponsored a five-day course on Medical Ethics.


  • We seek further opportunities in High Schools for a Medical based presentation on Sexual Health in the classrooms.
  • We pursue to advertise the existence of our organization and seek to expand our professional membership by giving ProLife nurses and those who share Biblical values a vehicle to have their voices heard in the medical communities throughout the state.
  • We are authorized to offer continuing educational units for Registered Nurses through our courses. We write and print health and life educational material on abortion, end of life care, POLST and other issues.
  • We facilitate placement of Registered Nurses as volunteers or staff in Crisis Pregnancy Clinics when ever possible and encourage greater participation of medical personnel in the ProLife arena.
  • We monitor and encourage action upon legislation affecting Right-to-Life, Ethical issues and Conscience Rights in the nursing and medical professions.
  • CNES offers mentoring opportunities for students in the ProLife arena. We encourage and participate in several ProLife activities as the January Walk for Life in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego and March for Life in Washington, DC.


As CNES grows and expands, so will our influence in the nursing community. Membership to CNES extends to all those that share Biblical values as Friends of CNES.


We encourage all people to Join Us in restoring respect for the Right to Life by being a Voice for the Voiceless.