Zonya Townsend, RN
CNES President


Diane Hickey, BA, MBA

Health Researcher



Diane Hickey is a public health advocate, active at local, state, and national levels.   She has worked to make known to the public the unknown health impacts from vaccines and exposure to wireless radiation.   Her work seeks to inform people and elected officials with facts so that they can protect themselves and loved ones and adequate public policy is enacted.   Her education credentials include a Masters Degree in Business Administration and graduate certificate in Special Collections, Library Science.

Lawrence Paul Hebron,

BA History, BA Political Science, MBA

Director of Marketing


Lawrence Paul Hebron is a Phi Beta Kappa scholar with Bachelor’s Degrees in Political Science and History and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He served as a tank officer in the United States Marine Corps. He is an educator who also has founded and directed both private businesses and public organizations. His books include:  Solutions: Guidebook for Rebuilding America the Great; AR2: Handbook for the Second
American Revolution; The Christian Patriot’s Primer on Separation of Church and State; and Islam http://forhealthylives.com/product/adderall/ Exposed: What You Need to Know About the World’s Most Dangerous Religion.

Joana E. Livoti, R.N., B.S., M.S.


 Pre-Natal Nutrition Instructor in Pregnancy Clinics. I have always loved being a Nurse Educator and Critical Care Inservice Instructor. My clinical area of expertise was Emergency Room Nursing. I am active in ProLife, strive to promote ethical standards in nursing and humbled to serve on the Board of CNES

Diane Sellers, MA, RN-BC, LMFT


Diane is a graduate of Los Angeles Medical Center School of Nursing, has a BA in Social Science and Bible from Biola University and an MA in Depth Counseling Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. She is the mother of three amazing young adults and grandmother to four adorable little ones. Currently in private practice as an LMFT, she specializes in treating abortion-related trauma and grief, for which she has a clinical workshop entitled, “The Elephant in the Therapy Session.” Besides serving on the Board of CNES, she is an active member APNA, AACC, a local Bible-teaching church, and an avid reader, pianist, ballroom dancer, and published freelance writer.